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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Talent Is Your Enterprise

"The Enterprise In You" is a wake up call for all who dare to be different, exist and live their desired envisioned purposeful life. You'll be able to activate your thinking process, and also help propel you to unleash the endless deposits of abilities in you. I'm sure the dying entrepreneur spark in you once again will be ignited and you will be on your way to excellent success and  fulfillment.Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale (Silver)SEI Celtic Bistro Wine Rack

Every day I see thousands of people struggling to get a job while others keep on acquiring certification endlessly without considering some other little big thing within. Neither getting knowledge is waste of precious time nor searching for job is wrong. I want you to know  that there's so much on the inside of us we need to explore.

I have seen incredible and amazing young talented speakers, dancers, athletes, singers, writers and innumerable of talents displayed in my generation but what are they making out of these incredible gifts? Countless of you have those things even better abilities you so much appreciated in others but because most times you refuse to activate the abilities ignorantly you mold yourself to be spectators in life affairs.

If you have followed me to this point, I believe that there is still the spark of greatness in you, that spark which will unfold to you the magnificent enterprise in you.
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So let me ask you these WHAT questions and I would appreciate your sincerity here if truly you wish to unleash the enterprise in you and be freed from the jaws of inability to discovering and functioning in your natural Enterprise ( you may also refer to it as your natural habitat as culled from Fela Durotoye a world sought after motivational speaker).

What do you have?
I need you to pick up a writing pad right now , pen down those things (ideas, abilities ) you do naturally well and others you know you are passionate about which later should be narrowed down for execution.

What is it for?
Having listed them what do you think this attributes, ideas and abilities could be used for, what do you think they can solve at the moment and also in future?

Come up with as many as you could find and sure you are on your way to your purposeful destiny.

Now  I know you are ready to unleash the enterprise that has been slumbering in you, to some they have already discovered these rare talents ( abilities) but are yet to discover where to use it, how to make it viable, marketable and find purpose and fulfillment in it.

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