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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Enterprise: Getting Started

Ideas and Opinions By Albert Einstein
It is great to know you have those brilliant enterprising or business ideas and ready to get started but it is more important to get the ideas and knowing how to turn them into desirable value to your users. 

The Possibility Trios:

The possibility trios are necessary factors to create a successful startup:
  1. Right people,
  2. make something (value) customers actually want,
  3. Keep your spending lean and mean.
Enterprise that fails to consider these factors most times fail. A startup that does all three will probably and mostly succeed.

I believe that these possibility trios are achievable and doable too. Great enterprise enlarge the coast of their founder, in other words wealth arises from you when you execute your ideas while seeing the possibility trios as your ally. Indeed, it may be hard but it is doable.

If there is one message I'd like to get across about Starting, that's it. All things are possible for those who see possibilities and impossibilities for the impossibility focused. You are always right when you succeed or fail, you only need to THINK! SEE! and  (it's all about your VISION) So what can you seeing?

The Idea
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There is really no new idea we only have better ways of presenting the existing ideas. You only need to render existing ideas obsolete by presenting better technology or solutions and all will reckon with you. Turn what people have now obsolete and make it better then you are surely on your way to creating an enterprise of change. Entrepreneur is one who search and find newer and better ways … or you may call it idea of doing things. 

What is your kind of idea?
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There are several of other existing ideas that are just as backward today. I can think of myriad heuristics for generating ideas for new enterprise, but most reduce to this: See what people are trying to do, and come up with a solution that brings convenience, satisfaction and success.
An idea for a startup, however, is only a beginning.

 A lot of would-be startup founders think the key to the whole process is the initial idea, and from that point all you have to do is to execute. 

Microsoft's original plan was to make money selling programming languages, of all things. Their current business model didn't occur to them until IBM dropped it in their lap five years later.
This reveal how little the initial idea is worth as number of entrepreneurs change their plan en route. 

Ideas are worth something, certainly, but the challenge is, how transferrable are they? How convenient is it for your ideas to be executed by others.

What matters is not ideas, but the people who have them. Good people can fix bad ideas, but good ideas can't save bad people.


Right people are the bedrock of a successful enterprise. Do you need to start your enterprise and succeed? Then you need the right people ( and that includes you). 

Obviously, success goes hand in hand with passion. It’s really difficult to work hard and achieve success on something you hate doing because even if you do ultimately achieve success, you’re still going to be miserable. And that’s not really success.

How passionate are you about the idea generated or conceived by you? 

Remember: (Hard Work + Passion) / Time = Success… I came across this on an article I saw sometimes ago sorry if I could not remember and provide the exact  reference here.

Particularly, I want you to be a master of your business first before you entrust  it to another. Know how it works and understand your customers, guest and do a lot of experimenting and others to join will appreciate and live the rule and better the enterprise. You need that drive called PASSION to turn your enterprise into a global business.

Could you describe the person as Silly-preneur? It means someone who takes their work a little too seriously; someone who does what they do so well that they pass right through professional and cross over into obsessive. Someone who experiment endlessly and innovative with its creations. One who does not take 90% as Excellent but willing to have 100% consistently.

Now think about these:

  • Are you always satisfied with little success?
  • Do you experiment endlessly?
  • Do you have the CANDO attitude? ( we will discuss that later)
  • Do you celebrate mediocre success and punish huge failure?
  • Do you have your customer at heart
  • Do you consistently want to add value
  • How silly can you be with your creative innovations?

I hope you'll ask yourself these questions, as these will determine how prepared you are and the position you want your enterprise to hold in the environment you want to operate. And for already existing ones are you satisfied with your current position? 


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  1. Permit me to add a little topping on this beautifully baked cake. Just a little infusion to embellish the possibility trios are necessary factors to create a successful start-up:

    # Right people... with the power to envision
    # Become selfless enough to...make something (value) customers actually want,
    # Keep the Big Picture constantly in focus so that it's easy to... keep your spending lean and mean.

  2. God bless you as u continually enrich our generation. Keep the good work going. kudus.


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