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Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Excellent Enough For Success!

Everyone who got to where they are had to begin from where they were_ Richard Paul Evans

I cannot but wonder and ponder when I meet with talented ones whose rare kinds of gifts, oftentimes if they could only explore them carefully with dexterity then dumbfounding excellence will be in their grips.

I was working with some young folks recently at a congregation filled with hundreds of creative ideas. But one thing took me aback when the first young man I over heard just kept complaining that there was no job and that with all he knew I could not do anything.

I slowly walked towards  him and inquired why he looked so worried and again he started complaining about how the environment has been unfair to him and how nobody needs his skills and how things would never work for him and he went on and on... wow! quiet pathetic isn't it?

Having allowed him to unburden his mind. I asked him just one question, What solution do you have to offer the world?

He kept quiet for a while to ponder for a moment and suddenly he said " really I don't know but I speak Spanish and French well not only that I enjoy speaking both languages".

This is ENOUGH for you to Succeed... was my word to him.

Exactly what I wanted to narrow his ability down to executable visions since he has so many dreams and vision but undefined ones. Today, Victor* ( not real name) works with the French embassy in Nigeria as an interpreter and does other private interpretation jobs for people who needs his services.

Today I will be asking you same question:

What is the solution you have to offer?

You don't need to have all the gift in the world to make impart or to be successful what you have in your hand is Enough for you to Succeed and Excel with fulfillment.

Remember the stone in your hand is enough to knock down the Goliath of impossibilities.

 Now journey onwards into your desired future.

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